New Kiyoh reviews release by Interactivated

Today we released the new version of the KiyOh reviews plugin for:

– Magento 1 (all releases)
– Magento 2.0 and 2.1
– Prestashop 1.7
– Woocommerce (all releases)

About the KiyOh reviews module

With the newest release of the official Kiyoh reviews plugin you get a complete solution for integrating the most used review network of The Netherlands into your webstore. Gaining popularity rapidly internationally. A full overview of the capabilities of the latest plugin:

  • Multistore support
  • Easy widget implementation
  • Automatic microdata integration enables showing the stars and your avarge score in the Google search results
  • Support for the network for your Dutch language stores
  • Support for the network for your international stores
  • Language selection for emails that are send for your international stores
  • Support for working with customer groups (exclude certain groups)
  • A-synchronised checkout process which avoids any interuption of the checkout in case of a problem on the network
  • Send reviews after certain order status events, after shipment or after invoice has been generated for any order
  • Possibility to configure a delay in days after which the review invite email should be send
  • Possibility to configure reminder emails from your Kiyoh account

KiyOh users can now automatically collect customer reviews, publish them and share reviews in social media. When a customer places an order in your webstore, an e-mail with a invitation is being send automatically after the configured number of days, asking them to leave a review about your company and services. The e-mail is being send from your organisation name and e-mail address so it is trusted and easily recognisable. The e-mail text is fully customisable and contains a personal and secure link to leave the review.

Also see for more information.