Responsive webshop & website design

A modern website or webshop is responsive, and works optimally for every type of web enabled device. Does your website not yet comply to these standards? Than you are missing out on customers and revenue. As usual we were one of the firsts to jump on this new technique as soon as it became available. We have wide experience in the development of responsive websites/stores, and in making existing websites responsive.

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High performance Magento® server setup

Did you know that...

  • A visitor that has to wait more than 4 seconds for a page to load usually leaves your website, never to return? 


  • One second difference in pageloading time makes a huge difference in number of sales and search engine rankings? 



  • We can make your Magento® webshop so fast that pages will load in under 0.5 seconds? 


  • We give you a garantee on the best performance possible for your store?


3D Mapping - Create a virtual environment of your company

A interactivate map of your company which enabled the visitor to take a virtual walk through your office, stores, sportsfield, factory or attraction park. 

The 3D environment can be expanded with numerous capabilities, such as:

  • Tracking of players on the field.
  • Track progress of players over a timespan.
  • Alarm notifications on the exact locations within factory (fire, accident). Also usabale for firedrill or other emergancy training purposes.
  • Other functionalities for training employees.
  • Apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile.

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A new app for Android, Iphone (IOS), Windows Mobile or Blackberry:

We are highly specialized in app development. Together with our experienced app development team we give shape to your ideas and together build forward to a succesfull concept with maximum usability.

This way we make the difference between just a app, or a awesome app! With applications for mobile devices, usability is even more important than it is with desktop and laptop applications. We can assist in the development of any type of app. Extension for your website or shop with product updates and order capacity, games, security applications, any type of tool, music or movie app. We can do them all.

We will take care of the project and manage it in a guided way in which you, the customer, are up front.

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Interactivated Magento® and 4OnePOS,
A strong combination in automation!

Interactivated and 4OnePOS developed together the Magento® webshop with Combox. This offers a seemless integration between a online store, and offline automation systems with hardware in your physical retail store. Offline your staff keeps the stock and administration up to date with handscanners, touchscreen terminals, pin terminals and receipt printers, and both systems stay up to date of eachothers sales and customer base as one central managable system.

A free demo can be provided, same day!

  • Webshop price: € 750,-
  • Webshop + Hardware: On request
  • Excl monthly price for selected hardware and software.
    Starting at € 75,- p. month

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Really fast with Magento®!

The best performance for your Magento® webshop can be achieved with our newest Magento® dedicated server setups!

Not only will your webstore reach a new level of high performance, also these servers are in most cases considerably cheaper!

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Responsive webshop

With responsive development your visitors experience their visit optimally on any device.

We assure the best balance between usability and style! Because of the best usability on any type of device a maximum return on your investment. 

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Magento® + Automated Retail soft & hardware

Webshop directly linked with your retail store automation. Without any effort online and offline are always in touch.

Low investment and fast online with ready to go packages. Magento® webshop with POS store automation and hardware for a low fixed monthyl price.

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App development

Together we give shape on your ideas. With our experience together a optimal design and usability.

With apps usability goes first. Discuss your ideas with us and let us help you in making a succesfull concept.

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Webshop module development

Interactivated and together develop modules of only the highest standard and exclusively as fully open source products for Magento® and other platforms.

Browse through our ready build modules, or contact us for the development of a Magento® module or other webshop module custom made for your needs.

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3D mapping

A complete tour through your company in 3D. Sport fields, factories, attraction parks, real estate developments, offices or retail stores.

With many additional possibilities such as a app with the possibility to walk through this virtual world from mobile, and integration options such as tracking of players on a sports field and fire alarms with exact location on the virtual map of a factory. The possibilities are endless.

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Interactivated Ecommerce = High performance, Fast service! Together with we offer a strong international combination from Dutch soil.

Top specializations in Magento® ecommerce, development of apps for IOS, Android, Windows mobile and Blackberry, Webshop modules development, Responsive webdevelopment, 3D mapping, High performance server setups for Magento® and more.

We also assist numerous IT companies internationally in serving their customers with Magento® and other projects under whitelabel or other constructions. Contact us for reseller possibilities.