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Interactivated customer "DisQounts" awarded as the fastest growing e-commerce company in the Netherlands

DisQounts was declared the fastest growing e-commerce company in the Netherlands on September 6 at the Crossborder event 2018. With doing so, it succeeded ProFlags, the winner of the year before. At this event, organized by Twinkle Magazine and Dexport, the fastest growing international e-commerce companies are selected. DisQounts ended on no. 1 in the ranking of the top 30 digital growers. Together with names such as "Koffievoordeel" (2), "Body & Fit" (8), "" (10), "Travelbags" (28) and many others. The conditions to be nominated were: At least 100,000 euros e-commerce sale from abroad, at least 20% revenue growth and primarily aimed at consumers.

The basis for a good performing e-commerce company, is, of course, the online web shops. DisQounts is the owner of and many international variations. These web shops have been developed and are actively supported by Interactivated. Typical is the way, in which customers can pay directly from the product page. This optimizes the shop experience of the customer. This is important, at a time when customers want to be smoothly guided through the purchasing process in a very short time.

Interactivated actively supports DisQounts in further development, technical support, and maintenance of the web shops. The web shops are secure, fast and professionally hosted. Furthermore, they can, at any time, easily handle peaks of tens of thousands of visitors who visit the sites during promotional campaigns. Together with the unparalleled drive, smart marketing and management of Bas Urlings, the owner of DisQounts, this has led to the award-winning success. The last few years, because of his big success, Bas also started training other business owners.

With this beautiful company, Bas has found his right work-life balance. With his wife and children (1 and 3 years old) he travels around the world, skiing or on a towel in a tropical paradise. This is in stark contrast to the 21-year-old Bas, who started his current business struggling at his kitchen table. A company that now operates internationally with various web shops and a wide range of products. Bas now tries to limit working to 4 hours a week while his company just keeps on going. With this, he follows the philosophy from the book "The 4-Hour Workweek" by Timothy Ferriss. He believes that this success is achievable for everyone, and therefore also helps business owners with his vision and personal guidance.

Bas is the driving force behind the company. He generates the conditions under which the company can operate, motivates its staff and encourages them to pursue their dreams. In this way, they remain satisfied and committed to his business. With this, he simultaneously creates the conditions to organize his own time, to live healthy, to be free and to get satisfaction from his life.

Read more about Bas on his Facebook page and in various interviews where he talks about his success and his view on (business) life.


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By interactivated • on September 23, 2018

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