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Interactivated Becomes a Shopify Partner to Help Web Stores Grow

At Interactivated, we've always recognized the power and appeal of Shopify as an eCommerce platform. Now we're proud to announce that, in our effort to deliver the best web store experience possible, we've become a proud Shopify partner.

Shopify has over 400,000 users worldwide. It's more than an eCommerce site builder -- it's a vibrant platform that enables you to run a web store without any hassle. It's user-friendly, beautiful, and easy to customize. While we appreciate the depth of customization that only Magento can offer, we understand that many small and medium-sized businesses want a simpler web store builder and management platform that they can customize to their heart's content.

Benefits of Shopify

Choosing Shopify as your web store platform can be one of the most inspired business decisions you make. Shopify is great for business owners who want to strike a fine balance between cost and value and enjoy maximum flexibility and scalability. Shopify makes running your business so easy that you can focus all your energy and creativity into managing your store.

You don't waste any time setting up, configuring, or maintaining your web store. Whether you sell twenty products or two thousand, Shopify makes it fast and easy.

Here are some of the key benefits you can expect from Shopify

•    Simple and easy to use backend with visual editors and tools
•    Beautiful, professional themes that you can easily customize
•    Quick loading times and optimal site performance thanks to managed hosting
•    Social media integration with Facebook and other networks for easy sharing and traffic
•    Built-in marketing suite for all your essential marketing needs, plus more advanced marketing tools in the app store
•    SEO-friendly out of the box, so you don't have to spend extra time polishing your site for Google
•    24/7 dedicated customer support that helps you fix all your technical problems before they cost you money
•    Many add-ons in the Shopify App Store, including inventory control tools, MailChimp integration, and call to action buttons

How We Can Help

While anyone can create a store with Shopify, we understand just how busy business owners and managers are. That's why we've extended our professional web store services to Shopify. We can build from the ground up a great Shopify site for you that faithfully reflects your vision.

We can also take an existing Shopify site and bring it to a whole new level through custom coding, custom web design, and more. We maximize your Google ranking and provide you with a polished web store that your customers will love to explore and return to.

We use a structured approach to web store design using Scum management principles. This ensures that every component of your web store will perform at optimal levels. Our approach can build on your ideas and extend them to create a truly unforgettable web store.

Shopify is amazing, but so many businesses use it today. The competition is tough. That's why we're here. We can make your store stand out.


By interactivated • on May 26, 2017

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