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  • Staying Afloat E-Commerce Trends to Follow in 2022

    By interactivated • on May 15, 2022

    The e-commerce industry is constantly developing, adopting new technology, and adapting to changes in user behavior. Consumers have become more demanding than ever, seeking beautiful, informative, fast, and convenient e-commerce websites. There’s no time to relax. Staying up to date with the trends is vital for establishing a solid digital...
  • Cookieless Future Get Familiar with Google Cookie Update

    By interactivated • on April 30, 2022

    Google is one of the main tech industry players with over 91% search engine market share and a major role in the state of the modern internet. It’s no wonder that Google’s 2020 cookie update announcement has caused a backlash in the digital community, affecting the business performance and personal...
  • Time to Scale: How to Handle Growing Traffic on Your Website

    By interactivated • on April 15, 2022

    In terms of web performance, scaling refers to a website’s ability to handle growing traffic loads. Unfortunately, many business owners neglect scaling until their website goes down due to heavy traffic. Anticipating peak website load, tracking traffic load, and optimizing performance are vital to avoiding downtime and customer frustration. What...
  • Why Social Media Won’t Replace a Business Website

    By interactivated • on March 30, 2022

    According to recent data, nearly 30% of small businesses don’t have a website, relying on social media for lead generation, advertising, customer interaction, and sales. Social media may be a cheap and convenient way of running a business, but can it replace a website? Practice shows that websites aren’t yet...
  • Website and Application Design Trends 2022

    By interactivated • on March 15, 2022

    Web design is a constantly evolving industry. Data shows that 94% of users judge a company based on its website design. Therefore, keeping up with the times is vital. You can’t appeal to modern audiences with a website or app designed back in 2012. All major companies regularly update their...
  • A Complete Guide to Marketing Funnels

    By interactivated • on February 28, 2022

    Even if you’ve never built marketing funnels before, you’ve probably participated in them as a potential customer. Funnels are an integral element of any marketing strategy to generate leads and conversion. However, this increasingly popular area is shrouded in uncertainty. This guide will connect the dots and explain what marketing...
  • Laravel vs. Magento: The Best Framework for Online Marketplace

    By interactivated • on January 10, 2022

    Creating an online marketplace comes with plenty of challenges. Luckily, numerous content management systems and PHP frameworks ease up the development process. Two of the most popular solutions for creating user-friendly online shops include Laravel and Magento. But what makes them popular, and, more importantly, how can they benefit your...
  • The Most Common E-Commerce Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    By interactivated • on December 30, 2021

    Running offline retail is hard, and despite common misconceptions, running an online store is even harder. While there are no in-store operations or rent costs involved, e-commerce has its own rules and immense competition. Data shows that only 10% of newly emerging e-commerce businesses manage to stay afloat after four...
  • How to Build a Multi-Vendor Marketplace on Laravel

    By interactivated • on December 20, 2021

    Laravel is one of the most popular web frameworks for creating engaging and large-scale web applications. One of its many uses is making multi-vendor marketplaces like Amazon or Ikea. Even though creating such a complex platform can be a daunting experience, thanks to Laravel, you can get there much faster...

Items 1 to 9 of 162 total

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