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New generation Ecommerce is finally here – Magento® 2

Just like Magento® left all competition far behind in 2007 with its initial release, they've again caused a shockwave in the eCommerce world. With Magento® 2 they're bringing the eCommerce game to a new level on speed, security, usability and scalability.

Our team has been preparing for this by creating new modules, training with the new system, and learning all the changes this release brings.

In the past, we've been focusing on improving Magento®'s speed, to make the webstores our clients have faster than their competitors’. For this we apply a multiple of components to our Nginx server stacks, like Redis, Varnish and more. These have native support in Magento 2, bringing a new standard of performance.

Some of the great new things about Magento® 2:

  • A lot lighter than the old Magento®
  • Native support for Nginx, Varnish, and Redis
  • Significant enhancements in platform security and developer experience
  • A clean and modern code-base
  • Pipeline deployment
  • Performance gains from improvements in indexing, cart, and cache operations
  • Bundled extensions
  • Reduced table locking
  • Splitting databases
  • More native payment providers, with increased security
  • Improvements to the checkout process
  • A greatly improved external Page cache
  • Completely new and more user-friendly back-end
  • Support for PHP7
  • Substantial contributions from our Community members
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