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  • Magento progressive web apps

    By interactivated • on November 15, 2018

    As a leader in cloud e-commerce innovation, Magento keeps finding new ways of helping merchants expand their business. The platform offers all the features needed to ensure an engaging shopping experience, which can really make your business skyrocket. Better yet, the number of features is constantly expanding to meet the...
  • What are service contracts in Magento 2?

    By interactivated • on October 31, 2018

    When Magento 2 was first released, many people wondered what service contracts are, and whether they’re important to the users. To this day, this is still unclear to some. As a modular system, Magento introduced service contracts in order to prevent business logic leakages across system layers, which is a...
  • Magento 1 end of life – not until 2020

    By interactivated • on October 22, 2018

    During Meet Magento Prague 2017, Magento Inc. announced that they would no longer provide support for Magento 1 starting from Nov 17, 2018. The proximity of the date caused quite a bit of fuss within the community, as not all site owners were ready to upgrade to Magento 2. Thankfully...
  • Magento 2.3 feature highlights

    By interactivated • on October 19, 2018

    We’re getting close to the upcoming release of Magento 2.3, and there’s a lot to be excited about. Magento announced many new features that will improve users’ experience and make the software much more refined. Unlike the previous update, which was released more than a year ago, this one will...
  • Headless Magento – a decoupled architecture

    By interactivated • on October 18, 2018

    In the web development stack, the front-end UI layer is the most dynamic and has a very short lifecycle. The user interface and -experience is constantly subject to innovation and changes. Therefore, it is very useful if this layer can be developed independently of the rest of the stack. And...
  • React Native vs other cross-platform frameworks - which one to use in 2018

    By interactivated • on September 27, 2018

    The growing demand for mobile applications requires cross-platform frameworks that allow developers to work more efficiently. Traditionally, a developer would have to come up with two different applications - one in Objective-C for iOS and the other in Java for Android. Even though the traditional approach provides unparalleled code consistency...
  • Interactivated customer "DisQounts" awarded as the fastest growing e-commerce company in the Netherlands

    By interactivated • on September 23, 2018

    DisQounts was declared the fastest growing e-commerce company in the Netherlands on September 6 at the Crossborder event 2018. With doing so, it succeeded ProFlags, the winner of the year before. At this event, organized by Twinkle Magazine and Dexport, the fastest growing international e-commerce companies are selected. DisQounts ended...
  • React vs. Angular vs. Vue

    By interactivated • on September 12, 2018

    JavaScript has become one of the most popular programming languages in recent times. It’s an object-oriented language that web developers often use to create the interactive aspects of websites. Many don’t hardcode these scripts themselves. Instead, they rely on libraries of scripts that provide them with a base to work...
  • Magento 101

    By interactivated • on August 29, 2018

    Upon its 2008 launch, Magento was just another in a series of eCommerce platforms bidding to take over the then fledgling world of online shopping. Ten years later, Magento is the second biggest eCommerce platform that powers more than a quarter of a million websites worldwide. Their clients include successful...
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