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  • Potential e-commerce deal of the year? Adobe steps up its game by acquiring Magento

    By interactivated • on May 24, 2018

    In a statement published on Monday, we learned that Adobe was in final stages of completing the $1.68 billion acquisition of Magento. This is the third-biggest purchase for Adobe. And can be regarded as an attempt to diversify its business in order to stay ahead of the competition. The acquisition...
  • Have you adopted e-commerce? This is why you should

    By interactivated • on May 17, 2018

    Not many people understand the concept of e-Commerce. Even those that do have a hard time figuring out if it’s really worth the trouble. After all, not all websites are super popular and the internet is filled with shops. Fortunately, how you can help your business improve is not all...
  • Magento: a beginner's guide

    By interactivated • on April 26, 2018

    Understanding the subtleties between Magento and a platform such as WordPress doesn’t come easy for everybody. Although both are popular, there are clear differences that set them apart. Magento was designed to be the go-to CMS for e-commerce. A Magento website can handle a lot of work in the background...
  • Is Magento 2 mobile friendly?

    By interactivated • on April 12, 2018

    Operating an online shop these days requires more focus on mobile users. Why? There are simply so many people that prefer using their smartphones or tablets to place online orders than ever before. This is also the reason that Google introduced its mobile-first index to do a better job at...
  • Turning visitors into customers by optimizing your Magento web store

    By interactivated • on March 29, 2018

    The way you design and operate your UI (user interface) can make or break your Magento web store. If you want to run a successful shop you want to make sure that all visitors get a smooth browsing experience and that they can access all the information they desire. It’s...
  • Building a site around Google’s mobile-first index

    By interactivated • on March 15, 2018

    Since it was first announced, the Mobile-First index has been received with mixed feelings by the developer community. The recent acknowledgement from Google that the feature has been implemented once again stirred up some controversy and debate over how quickly should websites be optimized to not lose rankings. The situation...
  • 10 must-have Magento extensions

    By interactivated • on February 25, 2018

    If you’re using Magento, you’re probably aware of what a good, efficient e-commerce platform can do for your online sales. However, using Magento with nothing more than its core functionalities is barely scratching the surface – to truly unlock the full potential of your e-shop, you may want to look...
  • 10 free Magento modules you should check out

    By interactivated • on February 15, 2018

    We all know that platforms like Magneto can help you run your e-shop efficiently, but upgrading it with some useful extensions really gives your website a competitive edge. And, with the e-commerce market showing steady growth, having a competitive edge seems crucial now more than ever. Unfortunately, some Magento extensions...
  • What Is the Repository Pattern in Magento 2?

    By interactivated • on December 21, 2017

    A lot of articles can be found out there describing repository design patterns, but not all are necessarily clear in the explanation. The description varies from one programming language to another, so it can get confusing sometimes. Here, we'll try to begin with the basics, explaining how applications are layered...
  • Magento Design Trends for 2018

    By interactivated • on December 21, 2017

    As with all owners of web businesses, Magento web store owners know that a well-thought design is crucial to making a good first impression. And first impressions are important because nowadays, especially when using mobile devices, visitors decide within seconds whether they wish to continue navigating your website or not...
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