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Since the launch of our platform in 2007 our core business has been Magento eCommerce development. We take pride in our fast service, good communication and high quality development services for which we use the most modern systems and Agile work methodology. We provide services to clients locally in the Netherlands, our home base, and to clients from across the world.

We have offices in

We have offices in

The Netherlands Headquarters

South America BVI

Spain Alicante

Eastern Europe Kharkov

We believe in transparency. This applies to the process of analyzing and building upon your project requirements and specifications and transforming them into executable work we will realize in the fastest way possible, as well as any other communication with our clients, including status reports and updates. Above all, we are focused on providing you with a beautiful eCommerce solution and making you a satisfied client.

We serve both end clients and IT companies that use our Magento expertise. We specalize in the following niches:

  • Magento 2 development
  • Custom responsive eCommerce development
  • Mobile applications for eCommerce projects
  • Development of extensions (modules) for eCommerce websites
  • High quality designs with optimal SEO and Usability features
  • Usabilty optimalisation
  • High performance comping services and optmizing Magento for lightning speed performance
  • Custom complex projects

Why choose Interactivated

Interactivated is more than just a name: it’s a promise. It means that we will handle your project with an unequaled drive and motivation. It also means that we bring an eclectic skillset to the table you can’t find anywhere else. We don’t just get the job done, we go above and beyond to bring you the most creative and comprehensive solutions possible. You’re not afraid to think outside the box, and neither are we.

With favorable hourly rates, no obligatory monthly contracts, and a no-nonsense personal service and ticketing system that guarantees you are not left out for even one step of the way. As unrivaled experts in Magento development and support, we will show you just how far your eCommerce capabilities can be pushed. Our team of certified senior developers and streamlining specialists bring professional web services to a whole new level. Let us know what we can do for you, and you will see the difference with the Interactivated experience.

Interactivated team

Our team consists of 25 Magento professionals, allowing us to tackle any type of project while abiding to our slogan "High performance, fast service"


Magento specialist


Magento and Usability


Technical Director
Senior Magento dev



Project manager
Senior Magento dev


Project manager
Senior Magento dev


SEO specialist


Technical SEO specialist


Senior Magento full stack
developer / Magento
performance enthousiast


Magento back-end developer


Magento back-end developer


Magento back-end developer


Magento front-end developer


Magento developer / Continuous integration specialist


Magento developer


Magento support specialist


Systeem beheer specialist


Senior QA specialist


QA specialist


Ecommerce designer


Ecommerce designer


Symfony 2.0 en API specialist


Sales manager


Senior System administrator Magento performance enthusiast

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Interactivated Ecommerce Britain:           

P.O. Box 3175,
Road Town, Tortola,
British Virgin Islands

Chamber of Commerce: 1772296
Interactivated Ecommerce Netherlands:           
Herestraat 106
9711 LM, Groningen
+31(0)50 711 9940

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