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Why You Should Switch to Magento

Whether your business is just beginning its online presence or you’re considering a change of platform that will better suit your e-commerce needs, you may be having trouble deciding on which CMS (Content Management System) to use. Between names like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and others, it can get pretty overwhelming. But if you haven’t yet considered it, you will definitely want to check out the sweet perks of using Magento.

Magento is quickly becoming the most popular CMS, and for good reason: with a more professional design, more intuitive interface, and a lot of really great features you can’t get anywhere else, Magento sticks out above the competition. It is their innovation and reliability that has piqued the interests of private investment firms around the world like Hillhouse, the Chinese wealth management company that recently put $250 million into Magento for expansion into Asia. As Magento continues to outpace the competition, they also continue to consistently provide excellent updates to their already-awesome software package.

But don’t just take Hillhouse’s word for it. Let’s review 5 of the biggest reasons why Magento is the best CMS platform around:

1. Magento is Open-Sourced

They say that the best things in life are free. While you’ll likely end up wanting to pay for Magento’s Enterprise Edition for full commercial support, you can actually use Magento’s Community Edition for free. And because it is open-sourced, you can legally edit the source code to create endless possibilities for your webpage.

2. Born for E-Commerce

While competitors like WordPress and Joomla started out as CMS platforms that were later adapted for e-commerce, Magento was built from the ground up to deliver the best e-commerce experience around. Magento’s intuitive interface is packed with incredibly useful features that will save you time, energy, and money. This means less configuring, and more doing.

3. Incredibly Modular

Because of its open-sourced nature, Magento is the natural choice for integrating third-party apps or extensions and fully customizing your website. When you use Magento, you can make sure it feels tailor-made to suit your needs.

4. User Friendly

Magento is the most user-friendly e-commerce platform on the market. The administrator user  interface is as simple as can be, while maintaining complexity in options that will allow you to take adjustments as far as you want to. The clear and intuitive customer user interface comes loaded with great utilities and makes site navigation a breeze. When you choose Magento, you know your customers will be even happier than you are.

5. State of the Art Security

With a long list of native security countermeasures and easy-toggle options, you can rest assured that your Magento website will be safe from both malicious programs and hackers alike. From data encryption to IP whitelisting to two-step authentication, you can set up your Magento site to be locked tightly from intruders on day one. And because Magento, Inc. releases new security updates regularly to keep up with cutting-edge security threats, you know you’re in good hands.


By interactivated • on February 28, 2017

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