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What is new in Magento 2.1

The whole process starts with the Content Staging and Preview. Finally, you can easily organize, view and plan a wide range of new content, including updates to the product categories and promotions.

Convenient tools, developed through extensive usability testing make the process quick and efficient. In addition, the new timeline on the dashboard provides a visual appearance of all the planned upgrades, so your team can easily coordinate the campaign in order to maximize the return on sales.

Enterprise Edition 2.1 takes the worry out of the planned upgrades. Now you can view your site changes from the point of view of the store and share links to content made with other team members to do the review and approvals much easier.

What else you can do is to preview the changes in checkout in order to confirm all promotions are as expected. Updates are automatically published and removed at the scheduled time, so you can "set it and forget it".

Enterprise Edition 2.1 features PayPal system improvements that optimize your checkout experience, and increase sales. PayPal Checkout context increases the conversion rate by 69 basis points by allowing customers to pay with PayPal, without leaving your website.

Securely store credit card information stored with PayPal credit card means the most frequent purchases: Customers prefer to check out quickly, without entering their credit card information.

PCI Compliance is also easier with the Enterprise Edition 2.1. New fields enable Braintree to securely collect payment information directly from your website, so that you can qualify for the simplest level of PCI compliance.

However, since only individual fields are replaced by Braintree, you stay firmly in control of your checkout experience and conversion rates.

Enterprise Edition 2.1 comes fully loaded with a flexible search, cutting edge site search technology that turns shoppers into buyers. This search engine supports 33 languages out of the box and allows you set "stop words", the search for synonyms, as well attribute weighting to deliver the most relevant search results.

It is also designed to handle large directories and can easily scale to support enterprises and fast growing vendors. Configuring Elasticsearch  is easy, so you can start seeing results immediately.

Advances to the Magento Admin to make you work more effectively. All-new search feature allows an administrator to quickly find the customer and order information. Search Synonyms radically easier to install on multiple sites. And, redesigned forms to simplify and accelerate the process of creating new products, content and search.


By interactivated • on June 27, 2016

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