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Professional Web Store Versus Average Web Store – What's the Difference?

Why are some web stores amazingly popular while others never take off? Is it just because they have better products and better marketing?

Most shoppers (71%) believe they will get a better deal online than in stores.  Globally, 65% of online shoppers spend 30+ minutes comparing products before making up their minds. For them, hopping from one store to the next is easy.

For most shoppers, price is always an important consideration. But it's not the only one. In fact, many shoppers are willing to pay a bit more for a good user experience. Just think about your own online buying habits for a second.

Why do you keep shopping on Amazon, eBay, or your favorite local eCommerce store? Is it really only a question of price? Neither Amazon nor eBay are the cheapest stores online. Your favorite local eCommerce store probably isn't, either.

It's all about the user experience. About how fast you can find and compare products. About how well the products are displayed and presented. It's also about the feeling that the eCommerce store creates while you navigate your way through products.

Many people buy online simply because they enjoy the process. A great web design makes online shopping so much better.

The Average Web Store

The average web store today works on mobile and allows customers to buy products with relative ease. It features product images and descriptions in a convenient layout.

Why are some web stores amazingly popular while others never take off?

It incorporates a simple shopping cart feature that makes shopping pretty fast. It also integrates with social media to some extent.

Built with widely available themes or site builders, the average web store has a familiar look. In terms of design it doesn't stand out. In terms of performance, it's average. People aren't annoyed by its speed, but they're not impressed by it, either. Pages load just fast enough for customers not to feel annoyed and stay on the site.

The average web store comes with basic search engine optimization. It shows up after a Google search for relevant keywords, but it's seldom at the top of the results. For most shoppers, it's definitely an option, but not the first one.

Most importantly, the average web store doesn't get that many recommendations. People may mention it and share it online. But they won't talk about it too much. To them, it's just a store that provides a range of products. People tend to forget about it once they buy what they need.

The Professional Web Store

The professional web store doesn't only work on mobile. It provides a mobile experience that engages users. It's not just optimized for mobile because Google calls for it.

Rather, it's built with mobile users in mind for the simple fact that most people today use the web and shop online on mobile devices.

As to the product pages, they are optimized to generate engagement. They feature high-quality photos with interactive 360 degree product views. Product pages incorporate social media sharing and commenting, to encourage users to stay on the site longer and spread the word about it.

A professional web store often uses a custom theme or a customized premium theme. The result is a memorable design that's been adapted to the needs of your targeted audience. No design element has been left to chance. The whole is cohesive and reflects the vision of your brand.

One of the big advantages of a professional design is optimal website performance. Fast loading times improve user satisfaction and your SEO rating. They make your website more mobile-friendly, which can bring you more mobile traffic.  
Search engine optimization is something that the professional web store takes very seriously. More than keyword optimization, it uses on-page and off-page SEO strategies. Everything about the site design and content presentation is polished for Google and other search engines.

Why are some web stores amazingly popular while others never take off?

Off-page SEO, including backlink building and social media strategies, propel the professional web store to the forefront of the search results. SEO, in this case, isn’t just a one-off thing. Regular page checks are carried out to remove broken links, tag and resize images, add content tags, and more.

Professional web stores are also very good at local SEO. They are optimized for the key phrases local shoppers are most likely to use. They provide all the contact and location information local customers need so that they don’t have to call to ask for additional information.

More and more professional web stores are built for local mobile searches because mobile shoppers have higher conversion rates than most other shoppers.   
The Bottom Line

With their careful design, SEO polish, and in-depth social media implementation, professional web stores are more than your average store. They create an intuitive and engaging user experience that keeps people returning to them. A professional store makes a strong statement that isn't easily forgotten -- this store isn't here only to make money but cares about the customer experience.

When you invest in a professional web store, you invest not only in high-quality design and features. You invest in the image of your brand online and beyond. The appeal of your website has a major impact on your brand image, and together with your social media marketing, it can raise it to new heights.

In a world full of products and services, customers search for more than quality and price. They search for a brand image that they themselves can identify with. Your web store gives you the opportunity to create a brand image that wins over people in a way that no ad or marketing campaign can.

At Interactivated, we believe in the power of web design and web development. We start with a robust yet flexible platform like Magento or WordPress and build your site from the ground up.

We give you the power to customize your site down to the smallest detail. We try out different features and test your site until it runs smoothly across all devices and web browsers. In this way, we build for you a professional web store that helps you grow your business.


By interactivated • on August 22, 2017

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