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Marketing Calendar 2022: Save the Dates for Your E-Commerce Campaigns

Growing an online e-commerce business goes far beyond advertising around one or two big holidays per year. With the competition growing tighter day by day, online business owners need to target events throughout the year to increase revenue and boost sales. The great thing is that every day is a holiday you can use for your e-commerce campaign, from New Year’s Day to Pizza Day to National Sticker Day.

If you’re looking to enrich your marketing calendar for 2022 or even 2023, you’ve come to the right spot. In this article, we share a list of the most important e-commerce dates to make the upcoming year more successful in terms of sales, regardless of your niche.

January E-Commerce Dates

  • January 1, New Year’s Day. This is the single most popular day for fresh starts. Regardless of the product or service you’re selling, there must be a way to incorporate it into the bucket list, New Year’s resolution, and 30-day challenge campaigns.
  • January 13, National Sticker Day. If you target families with kids, artsy people, or young people, you can come up with a sticker-related ad for your product to boost sales. Many marketers use this day to get more social engagement by asking social media followers to react to a photo using their favorite sticker.
  • January 17, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. On this day, Americans celebrate kindness, equality, and racial justice. You can use this day for special offers that celebrate these values.
  • January 24, National Compliment Day. If there’s a day when spreading love is especially welcome, it has to be January 24. This is the time to show your gratitude to your loyal customers and possibly bring some new offers into the game.

February E-Commerce Dates

  • February 9, National Pizza Day. This is the day to promote any services or products that are pizza-themed or can somehow be connected to pizza.
  • February 14, Valentine’s Day. As if this day needs further introduction. To go a step beyond promoting romantic relationships, you can add offers that celebrate any meaningful relationship, like friendship and families.
  • February 20, Love Your Pet Day. If you target pet owners, this is the best day of the year to launch an e-commerce campaign. Promote fluffy merchandise, run pet contests, or share a picture of your cute companion. There are endless ways to get creative on Love Your Pet Day.

March E-Commerce Dates

  • March 6, National Dress Day. Do you sell products or services related to fashion, clothes, or accessories? Make sure to run a marketing campaign on National Dress Day. Organize giveaways, run flash sales, or introduce new products – it’s all up to you.
  • March 8, International Women’s Day. This is the day when we celebrate the contributions women make to the world. It’s a special day when you can share the story of an important woman in your business or run some type of charity campaign to support women in your community and around the world.

April E-Commerce Dates

  • April 1, April Fools’ Day. The Western Hemisphere celebrates April 1 as the day for pranks and hoaxes. Unleash your humorous side as an e-commerce owner and share funny GIFs and jokes to boost brand awareness.
  • April 11, National Pet Day. Similar to Love Your Pet Day, National Pet Day is a chance to get in touch with your pet-loving customers. It’s another opportunity to promote your pet-friendly products.
  • April 22, Earth Day. On this day, the whole world hosts events to support the protection of the environment. If your products or services are related to this cause, it’s the best day to let your customers know about it.
  • April 23, World Book Day. If book lovers are in any way connected to your marketing campaign, April 23 is the best time to organize polls, lists, quotes, or ask your target audience about their preferred books.

May E-Commerce Dates

May E-Commerce Dates

  • Mental Health Awareness. May is celebrated as Mental Health Awareness Month, giving you 31 days to engage your audience on this important topic, share feelings, or show your customers your support.
  • May 5, Cinco de Mayo. Mexican Americans celebrate this holiday as a remembrance of the 1862 war (and victory of Mexicans) against France. This is the ideal time of the year to celebrate Mexican culture, cuisine, and people. If your target audience consists of people of Mexican origin, you can approach them on this day.
  • May 8, Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is one of the biggest spending holidays in the world. It’s also the time for putting together warm campaigns celebrating mothers. However, note that the UK and some other countries celebrate Mother’s Day on different dates. Also, given that the holiday is always on a Sunday, Mother’s Day is celebrated on a different date each year, even in the US.
  • May 30, National Creativity Day. If you wish to get creative with your marketing campaign, this is the best day to do it. Alternately, you can ask your customers to be creative with your products and share the results on social media using hashtags to raise brand awareness.

June E-Commerce Dates

  • Pride Month. June is celebrated as Pride Month for members of the LGBTQ+ community, making it an ideal time for campaigns targeting social inclusiveness and equality.
  • June 5, World Environment Day. This is another day in the year when you can motivate your audience to be more attentive to environmental issues by organizing engaging marketing campaigns or promoting eco-friendly services and products.
  • June 19, Father’s Day. Most of the Western Hemisphere, Japan, India, and China celebrate Father’s Day on June 19. If your target audience is likely to celebrate fatherhood, you can share special offers, promotions, or posts related to the theme. Note that the Father’s Day dates may vary from year to year, as the holiday is celebrated on a Sunday.
  • June 21, National Selfie Day. There’s hardly a person out there who doesn’t have a selfie on their camera roll. Now’s the time to invite people to share their most creative selfies featuring your products and possibly offer promotions for those that get the most likes.

July E-Commerce Dates

  • July 4, Independence Day. Regardless of your niche, you can level your marketing campaign on July 4 to promote special offers, launch new products, or simply share some patriotic spirit.
  • July 7, World Chocolate Day. Are your services or products related to chocolate? If so, July 7 is the day to make the most of it with a special chocolate-themed e-commerce campaign.
  • July 17, World Emoji Day. Emoji enthusiasts worldwide will be happy to participate in any emoji-related campaign on July 17. Whether it’s to react to an image with an emoji or share emoji-themed artwork, there are plenty of ways to engage your audience on this day.

August E-Commerce Dates

  • August 8, International Cat Day. Are cat moms and dads part of your target audience? This is the day to bring awareness to the importance of cat adoption and engage your followers to share images of their feline friends.
  • August 10, National Lazy Day. Here’s another day to get creative and engage your audience while they enjoy the comfort of their couch.
  • August 26, International Dog Day. If your target audience consists of dog lovers (and chances are, it does), now’s the time to engage them, promote awareness of dog adoption, or offer special promotions for your dog-themed products.

September E-Commerce Dates

  • September 5, Labor Day. This federal holiday is often followed by public celebrations including picnics, barbecues, or fireworks. This is the time many people associate with the end of summer, so you can start to pitch a new season’s collection starting from this date.
  • September 21, International Peace Day. The UN created this day to help shape peace standards across the globe. You can use your social media to boost awareness and show your customers your support.

October E-Commerce Dates

October E-Commerce Dates

  • October 1, International Coffee Day. If coffee lovers are part of your target audience, or you have some coffee-themed products in your online store, October 1 is the best time to promote special offers around the topic.
  • October 31, Halloween. Halloween doesn’t need any introduction—it goes without saying that any e-commerce business should try to incorporate a marketing campaign on this day to share the scare.

November E-Commerce Dates

  • November 11, Singles’ Day. Chinese people (but increasingly other nations as well) celebrate Singles’ Day by spending time with their friends, going to the movies, or shopping. It’s a great occasion to offer promotions for singles or come up with engaging giveaways.
  • November 25, Black Friday. The Friday after Thanksgiving traditionally starts the holiday shopping season. Bargain hunters love Black Friday, so you shouldn’t miss your chance to organize a killer campaign for the occasion.

December E-Commerce Dates

  • December 18, National Free Shipping Day. Do you have products you could afford to ship for free? If so, you’ve got yourself a perfect campaign for December 18.
  • December 18-26, Hanukkah. If the Jewish community is part of your target audience, the Festival of Lights is the ideal time to market decorations, candles, or similar products.
  • December 24-25, Christmas. As if the Christmas holidays need a further introduction. Make sure you save the date for original promotions and offers starting even a month before Christmas.

Complete Your Marketing Calendar

Running an e-commerce store requires year-round engagement from your marketing team. Fortunately, there are dozens of holidays and events other than the three big ones (Christmas, Black Friday, and New Year’s) when you can share your brand awareness, generate more leads, and make more sales.

In this article, we shared just enough general dates to help you get started. If your e-commerce is about a specific niche we haven’t mentioned yet, feel free to explore Google for “National Days” throughout the year that will speak to your target audience. Additionally, you can check this website for the list of month-long observances throughout the year to maximize your e-commerce efforts.

By interactivated • on May 30, 2022

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