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How Magento Enhances an Already Established Business

There are many reasons that Magento is among the leading ecommerce platforms in the world. It doesn’t serve to just launch a new business but also as a platform where successful businesses can continue to grow.

The platform does this in many ways as it is quite complex, despite being easier to use than most. Digital catalog implementation is one of the things that Magento does best. Yet, it’s not the only trick that you can use to enhance and scale an already successful business.

Magento Online Catalog Implementation

Provides Ample Data

One of the things that are hard to come by is data. For one, B2B companies struggle to get enough customer data if they don’t have a well-established digital platform. Magento offers plenty of ways to track and record customer habits for B2B and B2C businesses.

Using Magento’s online catalog, you can amass more information online to offline and offline to online. This will allow you to come up with better marketing campaigns or remarketing campaigns, drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately grow your business.

Superior Lead Generation and SEO

Search Engine Optimization is still a very effective customer acquisition strategy. It works equally well for B2C and B2B companies in light of the recent shift in global traffic and search engine results.

Magento offers digital catalog implementation as one of the best ways to showcase products to a wider audience. At the same time, it’s a perfect platform for well-placed SEO content that can improve search engine rankings.

This also helps to generate more new leads for your sales team, especially in the B2B sphere where lead generation starts with online searches on the part of the customers.

Connects the Offline and Online Mediums

More and more customers demand a true omnichannel experience. This is easily achieved through digital catalogs, such as the ones offered by Magento. It helps to eliminate common channel conflicts in B2B and B2C ecommerce and empower the sales team.

One of the biggest advantages that a digital catalog offers is in customer experience. It allows customers to browse for the products or services they need 24/7. It also introduces the self-serve experience.

At the same time, this benefits salespeople because it offers them an easier and faster way to access inventory information. It’s the reason that digital catalogs are often referred to as a sales empowerment tool.

Access to Real-Time Information for All

Digitizing a product catalog has another massive benefit. It can offer customers real-time pricing, inventory status, and product information. This lessens the load on salespeople and provides a better experience to customers that don’t want to interact with a sales rep to find what they need.

A digital catalog is also easy to customize and configure for specific types of customers. Therefore, there isn’t always a need for manual input as you can target specific customer segments with automated price changes.

Other Magento Platform Benefits for Established Businesses

The digital catalog is just one of the most important features that you can add to your business. However, Magento offers more in terms of scaling, improving performance, implementing payment methods, and more.

Better Website Performance

With the Magento platform you can speed up your website considerably. It does a great job of optimizing images and code so that everything loads faster. It also implements Varnish as a method of caching specific page content for faster loading times.

Catalog and checkout pages, in particular, can get a big boost on the Magento platform. This is known to enhance the customer experience and even improve conversion rates. It’s also worth mentioning that Magento comes with Enterprise-specific features that improve scalability for large companies.

Adding More Secure Payment Methods

Growing a business is not just about customer acquisition. It’s also about reaching out to a wider customer base and enhancing the overall customer experience. One of the best ways to do this is by implementing a variety of secure payment methods.

Magento offers seamless integration of payment gateways such as PayPal,, Braintree, WorldPay, and CyberSource, to name a few. These aren’t just payment methods with enhanced security but they also offer the means for customers over the world to pay for your goods.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Although running an ecommerce business is somewhat cheaper than operating retail stores, it still costs money. But when you run your ecommerce business on the Magento platform, many of your costs can be reduced even further.

One of the things that set Magento apart is its modular architecture. This system is not too complex and should reduce website maintenance costs, as well as the costs of future upgrades.

More Immersive Customer Experience

Customization is one of the things that Magento does best. That’s why even a well-established B2B or B2C business can benefit from Magento implementation. It offers very responsive reference themes and makes it easier for clients to shop anytime and from anywhere.

Magento also features a more compact checkout process that speeds up the buying process and enhances customer retention. The platform makes it easier to add integrated videos for marketing purposes, and without slowing down page load times at that.

Add to that the one-click account creation feature that really saves potential customers time, and it’s easy to understand why Magento is one of the leading ecommerce platforms.

Enterprise-Specific Features

Magento Enterprise Edition does a great service to B2B companies looking to have a more prominent online presence. Among some of the new enterprise functionalities introduced, you’ll find advanced company account management features.

These make it much easier to allow more than one buyer per account. That’s in addition to the various wholesale order features, catalog and pricing customization, and the snappier fulfillment system and quote management system.

Easy Scalability

Due to its flexible architecture and seamless integration of B2B and B2C-specific features, Magento offers businesses an opportunity to grow without always having to hire more people.

On the website management side, many processes are or can be automated. The majority of upgrades are relatively cheap and don’t take long to implement. In fact, Magento is known to have one of the fastest times-to-market in the industry and superior deployment flexibility.

The variety of third party solutions and site-building variations also give Magento an edge over the competition. That and the multitude of store enhancement turnkey extensions that are fast and budget-friendly.

Mobile Customer Experience Optimization

When it first launched, Magento wasn’t the best at mobile optimization. But no longer, the Magento of today has all the trademarks of a go-to platform for mobile store optimization.

This can do a lot to raise a businesses’ profile even higher due to the increased demand for mobile-friendly websites and product catalogs. This is especially so in the B2C sphere where shoppers prefer to use their smartphones or tablets to find and buy stuff.

Mobile-themed ecommerce applies to the B2B sphere as well, not just B2C retail. And it does a lot to grow the reach of a company beyond borders and technical barriers.

Implement Intuitive Interaction Behaviors with Magento

Everything about Magento’s UI strikes at the heart of simplicity and functionality. This is why it’s so easy for any company, established companies included, to expand and scale through the implementation of Magento ecommerce. This is especially since the platform caters to both B2B and B2C online businesses.

Between simplifying wholesale strategies and solving many account management issues that B2B companies face, Magento is a clear solution for modern entrepreneurs that want to scale their businesses to new heights.

By interactivated • on December 15, 2020

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