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“Kharkiv Speakers’ Corner” how it was

We are living in a very fast paced technology world. In Interactivated, we attentively watch what is going on in the tech area. Last week I’ve attended “Kharkiv Speakers’ Corner” event. The only report was  “PHP Microservices. Technologies and frameworks” by Anastasia Sukhorukova. Speakers share her experience of combination Magento with Microservices architecture. Following topics were discussed:

  1. The reasons to use microservices architecture.

  2. Main steps introduction of microservices in your project.

  3. Requirements to microservices.

  4. Highly loaded Magento components.

  5. PHP microframeworks.

  6. Testing.

  7. Using Docker platform.

Summarize the report, I want to say following. Magento is a great tool, which we all love. But when it comes to huge enterprise projects, we have to step out of the standard solutions. Microservices architecture helps us to solve business requirements and in the same time improve stability, security and speed of development for our application. It also worth to mention, Docker becomes a standard in the web development world. If you still not using this platform, I strongly recommend to have a look in this direction.


By interactivated • on July 24, 2017

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