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How We Work with Our Clients

You want to build a software product but don't have a dedicated team? Or perhaps your team is not large enough? It shouldn’t be a problem. At Interactivated, we fit our services to the needs of our clients. Discover how.

We Can Develop a Minimum Viable Software Product Together

We can build together a product from scratch. This model is good when you know where you want to get, and want to get there fast. It's also suited for projects where you don't mind passing on the task to a service provider, either because you want to focus your energy on other projects, or because you don't have a technical team that can build the product for you. Essentially, this strategy is for a project that's intended to be a short-term collaboration, rather than an ongoing commitment.

When it comes to price models, you can choose between a Fixed Price Model (FPM), and a Time and Material pricing model, with milestone estimates.

The key benefits of this model are expert advice and guided development. You will benefit from transparent cost calculation, fast product delivery, and exclusive ownership of the finished product.

We Can Offer You a Dedicated Team

With this engagement plan, a dedicated team of developers work with you over a period of time. They begin by understanding your objectives and use their experience and skills to deliver the services you require.

This approach to project development is ideal for businesses that are gradually expanding and want to do so in an effective way. This approach can also save you money and increase cost efficiency compared to the single-project, MVP approach. For long-term projects that require maintenance and development, it's a more than inspired solution.

The pricing model that goes with this project is Time and Materials. It's possible to switch later on to a Cost-based pricing model, though.

The key benefit is that a team of developers will focus on your project. You get to choose the size of the team, and manage it.

To start a project based on this model, you have to share with us your project outline and tell us how many specialists you need. We will put together a team for you that can focus on your project. Right from the outset, we are careful to determine who will be leading and supervising the team.

Together we determine the workload and payment and sign a contract. The team leader will ensure that the project proceeds at the desired pace and reports to the management. With this model, you are in charge of managing and scaling the team depending on your business needs and objectives.

We Can Provide Developers on Demand

With this approach, you can hire an expert to help with your in-house development. Our experts include experienced web developers, mobile app developers, eCommerce shop developers, and more.

You want to build a software product but don't have a dedicated team

This approach works well when you need an additional member on your team or only want assistants for a short-term project. It's also viable when you need a specific expert for a specific project. You have the opportunity to work with the same specialist on an ongoing basis for continuity and maximum performance.

Pricing for this approached is based on the Time and Materials used and can be agreed upon as a monthly payment.

With a developer on demand, you can strengthen your team, save time on the practicalities of hiring and accounting, and ultimately, enjoy a more reliable solution than if you'd just seek out a freelancer.

This model works in a simple way. After contacting us with your request, we find the right expert for you and do the job and time accounting. We use a billing cycle and send the invoice.

It's that easy.

If you're not sure which of these approaches is best for your project, you can always contact us. Together we can find the best solution. Call us now.


By interactivated • on May 29, 2017

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