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How to Improve Product Presentation in a Magento Web Store

Products are the heart and soul of any Magento web store. Obviously, you want your eCommerce website to reflect your company's identity and have a solid design overall, but ultimately it all comes down to how you present your products. That is the main reason why people visit your web store, and your goal should be to convert as many visitors into buyers as possible.

To do that, the presentation of your products must be spot-on. It should immediately grab the attention of potential customers and make them interested in what you have to offer. But what is the best way to achieve this? Today, we'll give some insight on several areas of your website that you can work on to begin improving your conversion rates.

1. Product Title

The product title needs to be short, clear and concise, not only to catch customers' attention but also due to SEO issues. If it is longer than 65 characters, it will not be entirely displayed in Google Search Results, therefore the chances of anyone clicking that link is reduced.

Also, make sure you include all the keywords that match that specific product in the title. Remember that the title will appear not only in that product page URL but also in several other places like product category pages or features like "recently viewed", if you have them on your website.

Sometimes it is best not to include brand names in the title, unless it is a well-known brand and you are certain it will help attract more customers. Also, make sure that no two product titles are the same and each title uniquely describes the product it is associated to.

2. Product Image

We are all highly responsive to visual cues, so product images are arguably the most important factor as to whether someone buys a product or not. When someone is out to buy something, they want to see it, touch it and even try it, if possible.

Since the last two can't be done in a web store, at least you have to make sure visitors are able to take a good look at what they're buying. Present high-quality images that showcase the product in detail. Low-detail or blurry images are one of the biggest buying deterrents.

You'll probably not want to occupy all the page space with a huge image, so you can use small thumbnails along with a module that allows zooming in for a detailed view. Also, if possible, don't just show generic images of a product. Instead, try to capture it in action; for example, if it is a piece of clothing show someone wearing it. This will give buyers an idea of what the product will really look like.

Products are the heart and soul of any Magento web store.

3. Product Description

For the short product description, use 2 or 3 clear and catchy sentences. Sometimes this is the only straightaway visible product description, whereas the detailed description is below the fold, so it should quickly catch visitors' attention.

Write down a couple of main reasons why they should buy this product. Another recommendation is that it should answer a couple of important questions, like what use does the buyer have for the product, or what makes this product different from others.

For the long description, you should avoid a generic description or spec list copied from somewhere else. The customer should feel as if he was being given information by a brick and mortar shop assistant. So instead of calling out a memorized list of specifications, try to give your personal twist to it. But don't overdo it - you don't want to sound as if you're advertising the product.

4. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews help build customer confidence in what you're selling. People trust and feel reassured reading the opinions of fellow buyers, so don't be afraid to showcase this information. There are several modules that can help you fulfill this purpose. One example is the Kiyoh reviews module that integrates with Kiyoh, the most used product review network of the Netherlands.

5. Overall Design

Your main focus should be on simplicity. A product page should contain all the essential information that we've mentioned here, and not much more. Every extra link and button makes the page too full and confusing, and distracts the customers from what the main focus should be, which is the "Add to Cart" button.

Speaking of it, this button should stand out and be really clear, and be consistent across all your product pages, as should the "Proceed to Checkout" button. Give it a clean design but color it in an eye-catching tone like green or red, and place it next to the product image, either to its right or below it.

Also give some emphasis to the price, possibly with a larger, bold font and a different color, and place it near the "Add to Cart" button. And since we're talking about price, shipping costs are also an important factor.

Shipping costs shouldn't be given as much emphasis as the price, but should still be clearly pointed out, as you'll want to make sure your customers know what they can count on. Better yet is to eliminate shipping costs entirely or, if that is not possible, eliminate them only for orders higher than a certain value.

For configurable products, it is important to present all the shape and size options with a nice design. You can look for some suggestions on how to do that or use an extension that automatically optimizes these settings for you.

Products are the heart and soul of any Magento web store.

6. Mobile Design

All we've said about a simple and clean presentation is even more true for mobile websites. Since smartphone screens are small, there are not a lot of things you can show at the same time, so you should really focus on the essentials.

Try to divide your products into categories as best as possible. Also, instead of showing your entire product list, you can show only the products that have a higher chance of conversion, like "Top Sellers" or "Related Products".

Use a clean background and don't cram the mobile pages with too much information. Also, you should use swiping features as much as possible for easier navigation, and zoom features for product images just like with desktop versions.

Hopefully, what we've said here can give you some insight and inspiration to make some positive changes to your web store. Follow these tips, but also get creative and use your imagination and conversion rates are sure to increase.

By interactivated • on December 3, 2017

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