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  • Top 10 Websites Built on React JS and What Makes the Framework Great

    One of the most important steps in creating your own application is finding a suitable framework. This choice affects your application’s look, performance, stability, scalability, and functionality. React leads the community recommendations list for this purpose. To understand whether the advice is valid, it’s worth checking out some examples of...

    By interactivated • on October 10, 2021

  • What Is the Vue Framework and Why It Never Dies

    When deciding to develop an application, all business owners at some point face the same question: which framework to use? Typically, Vue is among the first framework recommendations for single-page applications you’ll encounter. Naturally, you may want to learn more about this framework and why it’s so popular. In this...

    By interactivated • on September 20, 2021

  • Vue vs. React Framework: Which One to Choose for Your Website

    The coding framework defines how smoothly and efficiently your site or application will work. Therefore, it’s worth it for every business owner to find out about different options to choose the right one. Unfortunately, most articles about JavaScript frameworks are written from the developer’s side for other developers, which can...

    By interactivated • on September 1, 2021

  • Factors Killing Your E-Commerce Sales

    Online stores have become essential for any retail business, but not every company investing in e-commerce sees significant revenue returns. One may argue that a good product will always sell, though customer expectations from online shopping are very different from the offline shopping experience. We’ve created this guide to help...

    By interactivated • on August 20, 2021

  • How to Start a Successful Video Streaming Platform

    The video streaming industry is currently booming. Total revenue of US video streaming apps grew from $7.1 billion in 2015 to over $24.1 billion in 2020. Furthermore, experts forecast this trend to continue for the next five years at least. If you believe you’re capable of repeating the success of...

    By interactivated • on August 10, 2021

  • How to Drive Outstanding Customer Experience With Dynamic Pricing

    In a modern competitive market, the key to success is delivering satisfaction to customers. This can be done via a combination of high-quality products or services and an adequate pricing strategy. But finding the right pricing model is a tough task. Today’s audience demands a personalized approach not only to...

    By interactivated • on August 3, 2021

  • How to Start an Online Marketplace Business

    With the soar of online marketplaces over the last couple of years, it's become clear that starting one yourself can be extraordinarily lucrative. Just like any other business, launching an online marketplace requires intricate planning and strategizing. You need to take multiple steps before setting your marketplace in motion if...

    By interactivated • on June 15, 2021

  • How to Design, Develop, and Maintain a Custom Software Solution

    No matter your line of business, having a custom-made software solution is bound to take your operations to a whole new level. In particular, custom software will help you integrate all your activities into a single app with which you can get a grip on your business and maximize its...

    By interactivated • on April 15, 2021

  • Clutch Announces Interactivated Ecommerce as a Magento2 Ecommerce leader in The Netherlands for originality in UI/UX

    When speaking about the design aspect within Magento development, there are lessons to be learned in UX design when looking back to the yesteryears, and it helps designers interpret the state of this industry. For one, we’ve learned that communicating better does not necessarily mean that you have to communicate...

    By interactivated • on February 19, 2021

Items 1 to 9 of 29 total

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