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  • Clutch Announces Interactivated Ecommerce as a Magento2 Ecommerce leader in The Netherlands for originality in UI/UX

    When speaking about the design aspect within Magento development, there are lessons to be learned in UX design when looking back to the yesteryears, and it helps designers interpret the state of this industry. For one, we’ve learned that communicating better does not necessarily mean that you have to communicate...

    By interactivated • on February 19, 2021

  • Growing Your Business Through eCommerce Integration

    It’s been long apparent that ignoring the benefits of the internet is no way to do anything in this day and age. eCommerce has had a massive impact on the everyday lives of regular internet users and business owners. But why is the distribution of online goods and services so...

    By interactivated • on December 30, 2020

  • How Magento Enhances an Already Established Business

    There are many reasons that Magento is among the leading ecommerce platforms in the world. It doesn’t serve to just launch a new business but also as a platform where successful businesses can continue to grow. The platform does this in many ways as it is quite complex, despite being...

    By interactivated • on December 15, 2020

  • Pros and Cons of Engaging in Ecommerce

    Although getting into ecommerce is generally considered a step forward in today’s world, there are both advantages and disadvantages to it. Worldwide online sales may grow in the trillions into 2021. But that doesn’t mean that every business will see exponential growth as a result of turning to ecommerce. You...

    By interactivated • on November 30, 2020

  • Backend Framework Development – Nuxt vs. Magento 2

    An app’s framework is the skeleton that holds the entire thing together. Frameworks are all about the backend, so regardless of the PWA that you’re aiming to make, you’re going to need a solid framework. Nuxt and Vue are both popular frameworks used in eCommerce app development, in particular Magento...

    By interactivated • on November 15, 2020

  • How to Upsell Your Products on Magento

    Getting customers to buy higher-end products over the products that they have their minds on is a great way to increase your revenue. It’s also one of the trickier sales strategies to get right since a lot of times you risk coming off as pushy. That said, this is still...

    By interactivated • on October 30, 2020

  • How to Take Advantage of the Growing Ecommerce Market

    The growing ecommerce market can be scary for newcomers. Some may not understand the concept of online sales while others fear that everything is progressing too fast. No one says that it’s an easy endeavor but it sure is lucrative and worthwhile for a number of reasons. There are many...

    By interactivated • on October 15, 2020

  • Rise of the Headless PWA – Using Magento 2 on Your Vue Storefront

    PWAs or Progressive Web Apps have never been more popular. Unlike regular apps, PWAs rely on an existent technology that allows people to construct an original app. As of recently, there is more and more talk about headless PWA technology that has made quite a stir in eCommerce. Every time...

    By interactivated • on September 30, 2020

  • Enhancing Customer Choices on the Magento Shop

    What does it mean to enhance customer choices? In a way, it has a lot to do with enhancing the customer experience. But as is the case with customer segmentation and advertising, it focuses on a specific segment of customer actions, i.e. the choices that they can make. Enhancing customer...

    By interactivated • on September 15, 2020

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