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The best Magento extensions to boost M-commerce

As the newest branch of E-commerce, M-commerce has the potential to make or break your online business. More and more customers are looking for mobile-optimized websites to check on their favorite products, new releases, holiday deals, and so on.

Being mobile-ready and mobile-friendly is also believed to earn big points with Google’s search algorithm. One of the fastest ways to improve your rank and traffic is to use whatever extensions available to you to improve your online store’s mobile customer experience.

If you’re using Magento to set up your M-commerce empire, things will be fairly easy. As more Magento updates roll out, the easier it will become to implement mobile features and improve page navigation, simplify checkout procedures, speed up payments, and so on. Check out the best Magento extensions that you can use to improve the performance of your M-commerce store.


If there’s one sure way of boosting your traffic and getting exposure, it’s having a strong presence on social media platforms. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to do all the advertising. With Magento, you can implement the AddThis extension and allow customers to spread the word about you.

This extension allows you to set up a sidebar with social media share buttons. The support is amazing too. Over 200 social networks are supported by AddThis. To make things even better, AddThis is free and customizable for mobile and desktop browsers.

Talk about boosting your M-Commerce venture without spending a dime.


If you want something that helps improve your rankings, SEO Hub is one of the most important extensions for Magento. M-Commerce is still just as reliant as E-Commerce on data feeds, redirects, meta descriptions, keywords, and so on.

With SEO Hub, you can generate a sitemap for your mobile store which updates automatically depending on the parameters set. Live Chat

If you want to run a successful online store, you need more than just exposure and traffic. You need to show customers that you care. Offering great customer service is key to attracting repeat business, shares, and word of mouth advertising.

But how can you improve your customer service? Consider starting with the Tawk.To Live Chat Magento extension. This extension is free and lets you provide real-time customer support using a very simple interface.

One of the coolest features is the automatic conversation resume function which kicks in in the event of any unexpected connection drops. This extension is available for both desktop and mobile, which makes it perfect for M-commerce.

Gift Card extension

If you’re running a Magento shop then you’ll want to maximize your profits by allowing your customers to buy gift cards. Available on both desktop and mobile, this extension helps you increase your short-term sales.

As you know, gift cards are better than purchases – you get paid upfront without having to ship anything right away. And, they’re also known as incentives for shoppers to spend more since they’ll want to use up every penny of the gift card, which like as not will require them to top off with a credit card.

Adding the extension is quite straightforward. In terms of customization, you can make it so that your customers can exchange personalized messages, custom card values, pre-set images, and more.

Mobile Template by Templates Master

If you’re not sure about converting your existing store into a mobile store, why not just optimize the mobile user experience by creating a separate entity. An extension like Mobile Template can be a difference-maker between boosting M-commerce sales and stagnating.

This extension ensures that the website is as mobile-friendly as possible in order to engage customers on a global level. The layered navigation menus are optimized for smartphones. The product pages are better condensed, yet they maintain a highly functional and large image gallery.

Among the features included are:

  • Multi-store support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Windows phone support
  • Supports various resolutions
  • Grid mode support
  • Fully editable design/layout


Bronto is an indispensable email marketing extension for most Magento stores. This extension allows store owners to compile extensive lists of purchasing information from Magento.

After that, Bronto Connector imports the data for the store owner or admin to create personalized email promotions, ads, cross-channel marketing campaigns, and more.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective methods of driving traffic to your store. However, doing it right versus just cutting it can make or break a business. Bronto helps you create customized campaigns and offers based on purchase history. This makes it look like you’re always up to date with trends and preferences.


Are you trying to cater to international clients as well? Although this sounds like a potential huge increase in revenue, international shipping can give you major headaches. Using an extension like ShipWorks allows you to automate the majority of shipping tasks including customs declarations for international orders.

Of course, ShipWorks does more than just automate the shipping process. It also allows you to see a detailed overview of everything related to the shipping workflow. In terms of features and customization, you would be hard-pressed to find a more efficient and affordable extension than ShipWorks.

Besides, ShipWorks can turn your M-commerce store into a powerhouse in your field that can handle thousands of orders all over the world simultaneously.

Because mobile shoppers prefer speed and efficiency these days, you have to be able to give them more than just smooth navigation. Making shipping equally pleasant and efficient is one way to improve your store’s reputation and sales.

Choosing the Best Extensions

Obviously, different online stores need different extensions and plugins. However, when it comes to Magento M-commerce, there are certain features that must be met by all extensions. Be on the lookout for extensions that offer constant updates and active support.

Ease of installation is also a plus as not every Magento store owner knows their way around code. Last but not least, consider your budget. Just because an extension is labeled free doesn’t mean totally free. It could be a freemium business model or you may have to share your user’s data.

By interactivated • on February 28, 2019

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