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Have you adopted e-commerce? This is why you should

Not many people understand the concept of e-Commerce. Even those that do have a hard time figuring out if it’s really worth the trouble. After all, not all websites are super popular and the internet is filled with shops.

Fortunately, how you can help your business improve is not all that difficult. In this article, we’ll lay out some simple concepts that prove why e-Commerce is the best option for the present and perhaps the future too.

We will discuss the benefits of getting online exposure, doing targeted advertising, simplifying the shopping experience and also making your brand more popular and better understood by customers. Stick around to see how e-Commerce can take you from rags to riches.

Global exposure

One of the main reasons why e-Commerce should be at the top of your to-do list is global exposure. Starting a website that can promote and sell your product is also cheaper than you might think. Getting wide exposure and brand awareness through multiple brick and mortar store locations is not something everyone can afford.

By adopting e-Commerce as a vital part of your business you’ll be better equipped to compete in today’s market. Consider Magento as your e-Commerce platform. It’s much more affordable than most competing platforms and it’s completely open-source.

Not only does this help cut down on the initial investment and on operating costs. It will also mean that you gain access to a large community of helpful developers and artists which can help you customize and optimize your website.

Easy sales

A good e-Commerce platform makes sales easier for you and your customers. With something like Magento, your shop cart feature will be among the best in the industry. It is easy to customize and easy to update.

There’s also something to be said about trend monitoring and passive advertising. Pushing products online is different from pushing products in a brick and mortar store. You don’t have to disrupt your customer’s shopping experience to present new items or to ask for their input.

Online shoppers can still be steered towards certain products. But, this is done much more efficiently. For instance, you can track your customer’s shopping trends. By doing this you can use selective adds to show them the newest deals that might interest them.

The customers are always more likely to buy something they know they’ll like than trying something new. This also makes the user experience smoother. Instead of refining searches or browsing through catalogs they can fill up the cart with the items they need in just a few clicks.

Brand and product descriptions

You know how they say that a picture makes 1000 words? It’s quite true and it applies perfectly to e-Commerce. You can give a lot more attention to detail when working on your product descriptions.

Think about it. How many employees can you have working in a shop? Can you hire one for each customer that walks in? Can you ensure that all of them are well-versed in all the product categories you sell?

That’s hardly attainable. With e-Commerce being a part of your business and using a specialized platform, you can offer your customers clear and extensive information.

You can even post tutorial videos on how to use products and post pictures taken from different angles. That’s another great way of highlighting the product’s best features, visual or otherwise.

Traffic optimization

Let’s say a couple hundred people walk in your store per week. Chances are not everyone is going to buy something of the shelves. What does e-Commerce do differently to help your business?

It’s all about traffic optimization. Because of the niche search engine ranking involved when operating an online store, you can make use of optimization features that come with a platform.

This allows you to draw in potentially thousands of customers on a daily or weekly basis. Therefore you have many more opportunities to close a deal and make a sale. You also won’t need dozens of employees to run around the shop, which should save you money.

Expanding your inventory

It might seem odd, but adopting e-Commerce is a good way of expanding your inventory. Because you’re on track to make more sales you can actually afford to store more products. It may even allow you to expand your range of product.

When coming up with new items for sale you can also use Magento’s tracking features or prepare polls and quizzes for your clients. That way you’ll make sure that what you put up for sale next month is actually something that’s in high demand.

It also shows customers that you value their opinion. Everyone can leave a website satisfied by the customer support, item choices, and user-interface. The same can’t be said about people that go into brick and mortar shops.

There’s just not enough workforce or hours in a day to give the same level of attention to every customer. By using e-Commerce you can take care of all your customers at the same time. No one feels left out or treated differently. In this day and age, this matters a lot.

E-commerce is the current and future trend

With so many people staying connected from the moment they wake up and until they go to bed, it’s no surprise that operating an online store can bring in serious money. You just have to be in touch with what people need and make sure to offer them just that.

If you have a mobile-friendly website it’s even better. Many of us shop directly from our phones these days. E-Commerce is pretty much the standard for small and large vendors from food to expensive jewelry.

If you want to maximize your profits by getting more recognition and customers far beyond your immediate neighborhood, you should probably adopt e-Commerce as soon as possible. And, if you’re going to do it, do give Magento a try as it’s the most popular e-Commerce platform for a couple of years running.

By interactivated • on May 17, 2018

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