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Monthly Archives: January 2019

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  • M-commerce: The new trend

    M-commerce and E-commerce are still somewhat interchangeable terms. There are many similarities between the two concepts and that’s mostly because M-commerce is considered a natural progression of E-commerce. What is M-commerce? M-commerce started out with the introduction of mobile access on various online stores and online marketplaces. However, as time...

    By interactivated • on January 31, 2019

  • How does Magento indexing work?

    To understand fully how Magento indexing works, you need a crash course on database indexing in general. Indexing is basically a sorting method for records, or in this case, database fields. You can use this to find specific information, but most importantly, to update that information by assigning new values...

    By interactivated • on January 16, 2019

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