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10 Reasons to Build a Magento Webstore in 2017

Webstore owners have a lot of options to choose from when building their websites. The choice of content management system (CMS) is a crucial one. Select the wrong one and you won’t have as much control over the webstore as you would like.

Magento is among the best choices for the task. The CMS currently powers millions of webstores, making it the number one eCommerce CMS around.

There are plenty of reasons for this. Here we are going to look at ten of the best reasons why you should build a Magento webstore in 2017.

10. It’s Open Source

Open source platforms have the support of thousands of developers around the world. In Magento’s case, there’s a community of over 150,000 people working on the CMS all of the time.

What does that mean for you? Firstly, as an open source platform, the base version of Magento is available free of charge. More importantly, the large community ensures the platform maintains high quality standards. You can find plug-ins for anything your webstore might need. You also have access to thousands of talented developers who can help you make your Magento store perfect.

9. You Get Full Control

Webstore owners have a lot of options to choose from when building their websites.

Unlike many other webstore platforms, Magento offers you full control over how you build your store. The CMS has a ton of options and you can select which features to implement and which to leave out.

If you need something small and simple, Magento can help. There are also no limitations on the platform. You can make your webstore as complex as you want it to be with the use of plugins. It all comes down to you. When other webstore CMS may restrict you, Magento allows your webstore to reach its full potential and reach even more people.

8. Marketing Tools

Among Magento’s most useful features is its array of marketing tools. Webstore owners can use these to enhance their brands and engage visitors when they hit the website. Most web platforms struggle to offer similar tools, making Magento an excellent choice for the marketing-focused webstore owner.

So what do you have access to? Outside of the basic search engine optimization options, Magento offers a ton of useful tools. You can create coupons and offers, manage newsletter subscriptions, and link the platform to Google Content APIs. There’s much more besides, meaning a Magento webstore can fit into any marketing strategy.

7. Product Catalog Options

A key feature of any webstore platform is its ability to handle products. After all, if you can’t display products effectively, you will struggle to attract buyers to the webstore. Magento excels in this regard. You get tons of options when creating your product pages and can split your stock into an array of categories and sub-categories for easy navigation.

There’s more. Magento also makes it simple to import product data. You can add thousands of items to your store in a single import motion. Further, Magento allows for a range of product-related features, such as wish list building and search options.

6. Magento is Scalable

Webstore owners have a lot of options to choose from when building their websites.

Magento is a platform that works just as well for small businesses as it does large corporations. You can have a small webstore up and running quickly when using the CMS. But, what happens when you need to grow the store.

That isn’t a problem. Magento handles scaling up with ease. It only takes a matter of minutes to add new categories and products to your webstore. Customers will see the changes instantly and you can start selling more stock quickly, instead of waiting for the completion of tons of development work.

5. You Can Create Stock Alerts

One of Magento’s most useful features is its ability to create stock alerts. This proves very handy for your repeat visitors. You can offer customers the option to create alerts for when products return to stock. You can even alert them when the prices change on a product.

The latter feature shines through as a marketing tool. Let’s say you’re starting a sale. With a price change alert, everybody who has subscribed instantly gets told that the price of various items has dropped. That leads to a rush of people to your store without you having to purchase any other form of advertising.

4. You Create a Great Customer Experience

All webstores should focus on giving customers what they need. That’s how you encourage them to buy items. The Magento platform offers several features that make your webstore more accessible and friendly for customers.

The base installation allows customers to place reviews of your products. Positive reviews can have a huge influence on how well a product sells. Customers get a lot of image options too. They can open product images and zoom in for a closer look. Webstore owners can also integrate Magento with several third party resources, such as shipping and payment processors, allowing you to enhance your webstore further. All of these features benefit the customer experience.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Webstore owners have a lot of options to choose from when building their websites.

We mentioned Magento’s marketing properties earlier, but it is worth focusing specifically on what it offers in terms of SEO. After all, the quality of your online marketing can make or break your webstore.

Magento offers several SEO features. It creates search engine friendly URLs for your pages, allows you to tinker with title and Meta data, and creates sitemaps for your webstore. You can also create structured navigation and add keywords to your product pages and category pages.

2. Quality Performance

These features would mean little if Magento ground to a halt whenever you have a lot of visitors to your webstore. Thankfully, that will not be a problem. Magento is one of the top performing eCommerce platforms around. That’s why so many people rely on it.

Whether it’s page loading speed or one-click functionality, Magento comes out on top every time when measured against its peers. With a Magento webstore you know you have the best that the open source community has to offer.

1. Responsive Webstores

Mobile commerce is huge. Millions of people shop online every day using their phones and tablets. That trend will only continue as such technologies become even more advanced.

Magento ensures your webstore is well placed to offer such consumers everything they need. It builds sites using a range of modern technologies, such as HTML5, to make your webstore fully responsive. That means you can offer the same quality of experience to customers, regardless of the devices they use to access the site. This also means you don’t have to invest more money in mobile-ready solutions.

The Final Word

So, there you have it. Ten great reasons why you should use Magento if you want to build a webstore in 2010. Interactivated can help if you want to get started. We’ll introduce you to the platform and help you understand everything that it has to offer your webstore. Get in touch today to find out more.


By interactivated • on August 3, 2017

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